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Consulting Service -

Our OrbiTouch HR consulting services are designed to provide comprehensive, expert guidance and support to individuals, organizations, and institutions seeking to maximize the benefits of this groundbreaking assistive technology device. With a deep understanding of the unique features and capabilities of the OrbiTouch HR, our consulting services offer tailored solutions to address a range of needs:

  • Assistive Technology Adoption Strategies: Our consulting experts assist organizations and individuals in developing strategies for effectively integrating OrbiTouch HR into daily routines. We provide guidance on device selection, setup, and customization to ensure optimal usability.

  • Training and Education: We offer training programs and workshops aimed at helping users and their support teams fully grasp the potential of OrbiTouch HR. These sessions cover device operation, accessibility features, and best practices for enhancing productivity and inclusivity.

  • Accessibility Assessments: Our consultants conduct accessibility assessments to evaluate how well OrbiTouch HR aligns with specific accessibility requirements, ensuring that users have a seamless and inclusive experience.

  • Customization and Integration: We work closely with clients to tailor OrbiTouch HR to their unique needs. This may involve adapting the device's settings, integrating it with specialized software, or configuring it for specific applications.

  • Technical Support: Our consulting services include ongoing technical support to address any device-related issues or questions. We offer troubleshooting assistance and maintenance guidance to keep OrbiTouch HR running smoothly.

  • User Experience Enhancement: Our consultants leverage their expertise in assistive technology and user experience design to enhance the overall usability of OrbiTouch HR, making it more intuitive, efficient, and ergonomic.

  • Compliance and Regulations: We keep clients informed about the latest accessibility regulations and standards, ensuring OrbiTouch HR remains in compliance and helping organizations meet their legal obligations.

  • Research and Development Collaboration: For organizations interested in contributing to the advancement of assistive technology, we provide opportunities to collaborate on research and development projects related to OrbiTouch HR, promoting innovation and inclusivity.

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